15. References

15.1. Citations for the whole MDAnalysis library

When using MDAnalysis in published work, please cite [Michaud-Agrawal2011] and [Gowers2016].

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15.2. Citations for included algorithms and modules

If you use the RMSD calculation (MDAnalysis.analysis.rms) or alignment code (MDAnalysis.analysis.align) that uses the qcprot module please also cite [Theobald2005b] and [Liu2010b].

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If you use the helix analysis algorithm HELANAL in MDAnalysis.analysis.helanal please cite [Bansal2000b].

[Bansal2000b]Bansal M, Kumar S, Velavan R. HELANAL — A program to characterise helix geometry in proteins. J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 17 (2000), 811–819

If you use the GNM trajectory analysis code in MDAnalysis.analysis.gnm please cite [Hall2007b].

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If you use the water analysis code in MDAnalysis.analysis.waterdynamics please cite [Araya-Secchi2014b].

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If you use the Path Similarity Analysis (PSA) code in MDAnalysis.analysis.psa please cite [Seyler2015b].

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If you use the implementation of the ENCORE ensemble analysis in MDAnalysis.analysis.encore please cite [Tiberti2015b].

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If you use the streamline visualization in MDAnalysis.visualization.streamlines and MDAnalysis.visualization.streamlines_3D please cite [Chavent2014b].

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