Our Code of Conduct

Dear MDAnalysis Community,

We feel the MDAnalysis community is a happy one, and we hope all members feel the same. As the community grows we want it to stay as welcoming. In that spirit, MDAnalysis has adopted a Code of Conduct (CoC) to make explicit that we as a community value all our present and future members and embrace our diversity. We are committed to providing a productive, harassment-free environment for everyone

Please read the full text at http://mdanalysis.org/pages/conduct/.

All core developers absolutely stand behind the CoC and are fully committed to ensuring and enforcing that everyone (founders, developers, anyone communicating on the lists or on GitHub, …) respects each other as outlined in the CoC.

But it’s not only core developers who are responsible for making our’s an inclusive community in which everyone feels they can productively participate. It actually need to be all of us. A community is based on the interactions of individuals and the sum of their values defines their community. The CoC means that everyone in MDAnalysis agrees to share a common set of core values and, importantly, to act according to these values in all interactions in our community.

If you feel you suffered from harassment or intimidation or were made feel uncomfortable then please speak up: the CoC has links to communicate safely with a subset of the core developers who have taken on the responsibility to follow up on CoC violations. If you observe that someone else is being harassed please speak up – during the incident, if possible, or through the above channels.

Establishing the CoC was not prompted by any incident. Rather, the core developers recognized that making explicit the rules and values of our community is simply a good idea, and we follow many of the major open source projects such as Django and Jupyter (from which we heavily borrowed – thank you!).