Google Season of Docs 2019 Technical Writer

Google Season of Docs 2019

This year MDAnalysis is hosting Lily Wang (@lilyminium on GitHub) for the first iteration of Google Season of Docs. She will work with us over the coming months on a user guide for MDAnalysis, structured by topic.

Lily Wang: A User Guide for MDAnalysis

MDAnalysis is a library for the analysis of computational (primarily molecular dynamics, i.e. MD) simulations. Frequently these analyses are rare, novel, or individual enough that they are not immediately available as a predefined function within MDAnalysis. MDAnalysis provides a toolkit for interacting with simulations and constructing new analyses. Lily will create a high-level user guide structured by topic. This user guide will describe the building blocks of the data structures, analysis, topologies, and more. It will be targeted at a general audience; molecular dynamics users will be able to see the machine abstraction and technical considerations (e.g. MemoryReader) under the hood, while developers will be able to gain an understanding of the scientific background.


Lily Wang is a Ph.D. student at the Australian National University, Canberra. She aims to improve various aspects of molecular dynamics simulation over the course of her degree. During GSoD, she hopes to refine her technical writing skills while contributing to a package that she very much appreciates. In the tattered remnants of her free time, she enjoys reading and wandering around mountains. You can follow her progress on GSoD (and reading) on her blog.

@richardjgowers @orbeckst (mentors)