Python 2 reaches end of life on 1 January, 2020, according to PEP 373 and python/devguide#344. Many of our dependencies (notably numpy, see their Plan for dropping Python 2.7 support) have ceased Python 2.7 support in new releases or will also drop Python 2.7 in 2020.

We know that science is rolling slowly and surely some scientific projects will continue with Python 2.7 beyond 2020. MDAnalysis has been supporting Python 2 and Python 3 now for a while. However, given how precious developer time is, we also decided to drop support soon after the official Python 2.7 drop date.

Our plan is to give researchers a stable legacy platform and release MDAnalysis 1.0.0 with full Python 2.7 support and tests. However, no major development will continue in 1.0. Issues will only be fixed and backported on a best-effort basis, simply because there are not enough developers to do this work.

We will then work towards MDAnalysis 2.0.0, which will only support Python 3.

Tentative Roadmap

2020 (1st quarter)

2020 (2nd quarter)


If you have comments or you see problems with this roadmap then please get in touch