SciPy 2022

MDAnalysis recently attended SciPy 2022!

SciPy was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the open-source community, build connections and see the amazing work being conducted all across the Scientific Python ecosystem.

Additionally, Hugo MacDermott-Opeskin presented a poster on our ongoing work as part of our CZI-EOSS4 grant. You can find his poster at the following FigShare DOI.

As part of the SciPy sprints session we ran an MDAnalysis Sprint where we invited people to contribute to MDAnalysis and collaborated on various ideas with community members. We would like to thank members of the Zarr, Xarray, Dask, scikit-learn and Pangeo Forge communities for some helpful and stimulating discussions.

We also participated in a #bio_at_scipy meetup to share ideas around engaging with the broader community and encouraging contributions.

— Richard Gowers, Hugo MacDermott-Opeskin, Tyler Reddy