MDAnalysis 2.3 is out

We are happy to release the version 2.3.0 of MDAnalysis!

This relatively small update to MDAnalysis reflects our commitment to doing more frequent (trimonthly) releases of the library.

In line with NEP 29, the minimum required NumPy version has been raised to 1.20.0 (1.21.0 for macosx-arm64).

Supported Python versions: 3.8, 3.9, 3.10

Supported Operating Systems:

Upgrading to MDAnalysis version 2.3.0

To update with conda from the conda-forge channel run

conda update -c conda-forge mdanalysis

To update from PyPi with pip run

pip install --upgrade MDAnalysis

For more help with installation see the installation instructions in the User Guide.

Notable changes

For a full list of changes, bugfixes and deprecations see the CHANGELOG.





CZI EOSS Performance Improvements:

A series of performance improvements to the MDAnalysis library’s backend have been made as per planned work under MDAnalysis’ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative EOSS4 grant. Further details about these will be provided in a future blog post.

Author statistics

This release was the work of 10 contributors, 3 of which are new contributors.

Our new contributors are: @miss77jun @rzhao271 @hsadia538


MDAnalysis thanks NumFOCUS for its continued support as our fiscal sponsor and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for supporting MDAnalysis under an EOSS4 award.

— The MDAnalysis Team