MDAnalysis CZI EOSS 5 Grant Outreach and Project Manager

We are happy to announce that MDAnalysis has been awarded a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative as part of the Essential Open Source Software for Science program: “EOSS5: Growing the MDAnalysis community sustainably: A dedicated project manager, teaching and outreach initiatives”.

The MDAnalysis organisation strongly believes that engaging in outreach, mentoring and teaching is key to its mission of being the leading software package for molecular simulation analysis in Python.

This 2-year grant will enable us to hire a full-time community, outreach, and project manager to extend our teaching and mentoring commitments and engage with the molecular simulation community across academia and industry.

Over the next two years, our key deliverables include:

A big thank you to all contributors, past and present, for making this possible.

See the job description and apply for the role of community, outreach and project manager