Moving from Mailing Lists to GitHub Discussions

Dear MDAnalysis community, Our Google groups (mailing lists) have been the main way to ask questions, exchange ideas, and to discuss about development. However, with more modern solutions available we felt a change was needed.

The MDAnalysis Team considered different alternatives and after lengthy discussions we settled on moving the Google groups to GitHub Discussions. This will have multiple advantages, including proper code formatting and cross-linking between issues and discussions.

GitHub Discussions are already enabled on GitHub and can be used right away: please start using the Discussions forum, instead of the Google groups.

GitHub Discussions are divided into categories, and we will have the following (and more):

We hope to see all of you in the new GitHub Discussions forum! The mailing lists will remain open for a bit longer to finish off open discussions, after which they will be archived (accessible as read-only).

- Rocco Meli, on behalf of the MDAnalysis Team