Release 2.7.0 of MDAnalysis

We are happy to release version 2.7.0 of MDAnalysis!

This is a minor update to the MDAnalysis library.

This release of MDAnalysis is packaged under a GPLv3+ license. Additionally all contributions made from commit 44733fc onwards are made under the LGPLv2.1+ license. More details about these license changes can be found in our blog post.

The minimum required NumPy version is 1.22.3.

Supported Python versions: 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12. Support for version 3.12 has been added in this release.

Supported Operating Systems:

Upgrading to MDAnalysis version 2.7.0

To update with conda from the conda-forge channel run

conda update -c conda-forge mdanalysis

To update from PyPi with pip run

python -m pip install --upgrade MDAnalysis

For more help with installation see the installation instructions in the User Guide. Make sure you are using a Python version compatible with MDAnalysis before upgrading (Python >= 3.9).

Notable changes

For a full list of changes, bugfixes and deprecations see the CHANGELOG.





Author statistics

This release was the work of 13 contributors, 5 of which are new contributors.

Our new contributors are:


MDAnalysis thanks NumFOCUS for its continued support as our fiscal sponsor and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for supporting MDAnalysis under EOSS4 and EOSS5 awards.

— The MDAnalysis Team