Materials, issues and things for the 2018 Workshop and Hackathon

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WorkshopHackathon 2018

This repo holds all the materials for the MDAnalysis 2018 Workshop and Hackathon. Materials are organised according to the Workshop schedule.

Before the workshop

The workshop will be hands-on. You will need a working installation of MDAnalysis and related packages including data to analyze in order to participate. The full installation may take up to about 1 GB of space (mostly for data, which you can delete after the workshop). Because downloading and installing everything will take a while you should install everything before coming to the workshop.

Follow the installation instructions — Windows, macOS, and Linux are all supported.

Time and Location

The workshop takes place on Nov 12 and Nov 13, 2016 at Northwestern University, 2nd floor of Mudd Library, 2233 Tech Drive, Evanston, IL 60208, in the classroom.


All participants agree to abide by the MDAnalysis Code of Conduct.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1:

Day 2:

Workshop Materials

To make your own copy of these materials on your computer, run this from the command line:

git clone