5.13. MMTF Topology Parser

Reads topology data from the Macromolecular Transmission Format (MMTF) format. This should generally be a quicker alternative to PDB.

Makes individual models within the MMTF file available via the models attribute on Universe.

New in version 0.16.0.

Changed in version 0.20.0: Can now read files with optional fields missing/empty

Reads the following topology attributes:

  • altLoc

  • atom ID

  • bfactor

  • bonds

  • charge

  • masses (guessed)

  • name

  • occupancy

  • type

  • icode

  • resname

  • resid

  • resnum

  • segid

  • model

5.13.1. Classes

class MDAnalysis.topology.MMTFParser.MMTFParser(filename)[source]