GSoC / Outreachy 2022 wrap-up

This year MDAnalysis participated in two programs with wonderful contributors from around the globe. We continued our participation in Google Summer of Code for another year and also participated in Outreachy for the first time. Huge thanks to these organisations for supporting MDAnalysis and the students.

Google Summer of Code / Outreachy 2022

Google Summer of Code

Our two outstanding GSoC contributors Aya Mohamed Alaa (@aya9aladdin), and Bjarne Feddersen (@BFedder) successfully completed their GSOC projects.

You can read more about their projects and packages in their blog posts:

— GSOC Mentors @jbarnoud @hmacdope @ojeda-e @IAlibay @fiona-naughton @orbeckst @lilyminium @richardjgowers

Google Summer of Code / Outreachy 2022


Uma Kadam (@umak1106) did the very first MDAnalysis Outreachy Internship with her project Improve MDAnalysis by implementing type hinting.

— Outreachy Mentors @jbarnoud @micaela-matta @richardjgowers


We have immensely enjoyed working with Aya, Bjarne and Uma and look forward to seeing how they continue to contribute to the MDAnalysis community, and wish them luck in their future endeavours.