GSoC 2021 wrap-up

Google Summer of Code 2021

Another year, another successful Google Summer of Code! We had two fantastic projects this year, including the first trials of our MDAKit model for building an ecosystem of analysis modules. Both projects were a resounding success and represent an exciting new direction for MDAnalysis. None of this would have been possible without our wonderful students: Estefania Barreto-Ojeda (@ojeda-e), and Orion Cohen (@orioncohen).

You can read more about their projects and packages in their blog posts:

We have immensely enjoyed working with Estefania and Orion and look forward to seeing how they continue to contribute to the MDAnalysis community, and where they take their science next.

— Mentors @hmacdope, @lilyminium, @richardjgowers, @fiona-naughton, @orbeckst, @IAlibay